Ph.D. Thesis


"Totalsynthesis of a sugar-based natural product isolated from a marine organism"

from 01st November 2014 probably until 31st October 2017

with Prof. Dr. A. Fürstner, Max-Planck-Institut für Kohlenforschung, Mülheim/ Ruhr


2013/ 2014

Master Thesis


"Studies on the synthesis of pharmaceutically interesting macrocycles based on..."

(thesis and exact title are confidential)

from 01st October 2013 until 31st March 2014

in cooperation between Prof. Dr. M. Göbel, Goethe University, Frankfurt/ Main

& Dr. S. Ruf from Sanofi Deutschland GmbH, Frankfurt/ Main



Bachelor Thesis


"Untersuchung der stereoselektiven Torgov-Cyclisierung zum 13-Ethyl-Gonan-Gerüst"

from 23rd January 2012 until 23rd March 2012

with Prof. Dr. M. Göbel, Goethe University, Frankfurt/ Main

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Bachelor Thesis
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